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我々は銀河に生をいただき大宇宙に抱かれて生きています 故郷の銀河に育まれ大宇宙に感謝して生きる存在であります 見えるもの見えないものすべてに浴し生かされているのです


「 銀河浴 」とは





















 これはデジタル技術の進歩が可能にした写真である しかしながらデジタル時代とはいえ あえて合成という手法はとらず 自然や人工の光を駆使し赤道儀の利用を考慮しながら一枚一枚思いを込めて撮ったものである あくまで宇宙や地球そして生命としっかり向き合うためである  



                      ~Be Bathed by the Galaxy~


 To be bathed by the galaxy is to be surrounded by and live in the galaxy.

 We are alive in the galaxy named Milky Way. Most people who live on Earth know this, but seem to live without being conscious of that.

 If we search humans on earth can get a new perspective of space, we can find ourselves objectively in space.


 By and by, our values of life can be changed as we will think deeply about what it means to “we live in space”.

 We will be able to deeply understand the vanity and nonsensical nature of disputes between human beings.

 All humans will appreciate each other’s lives, and we will build relationships beyond country and religion. Then, will the earth will be very important in the universe.


 The Earth is a very small planet in space and may even be unknown to exist at all.

 However, Erath has an energetic power in which a marvelous number and great diversity of life can thrive in.

 Our ability to evolve an understanding of space on a universal scale already expresses the value of the universe.

 Humans are products of the universe, so we possess universal power.


 These works have been taken for 10 years and will be located in a new genre of photos which we have never been seen.

 The intended technique, where in foreground are seen along with the galaxy in the background, is important when considering the existence of life in the universe.


 These photos are possible to the advances in digital technology.

These are not photomontages. I made the most of the natural and artificial light and with the use of an equatorial telescopes, I thoughtfully took these photos one by one.        I want to aim higher and challenge myself to take an extremely unified photo in which we can find life from Earth together with a view of the universe.